Design of Apsolon business report

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Client: Apsolon d.o.o.
Company: Bit4Bytes d.o.o. in cooperation with Design Studio Ivan Goran Žunar
Creative and Art Direction: Ivan Goran Žunar
Design, text and tables editing and prepress: Ivan Goran Žunar
Design of graphs and diagrams: Vanja Medak
Year: 2019.

Design of business report Analiza digitalne spremnosti hrvatskih gradova 2019. by Apsolon d.o.o. company is based on Apsolon’s visual identity – color system, typography and style.

The element of rounded triangle is derived from Apsolon logo, and it is used as the main pattern of the entire publication. Its role is to distinguish different parts of the publication – the main titles, by varying transparency – full color and 50% transparent. Subtitles of the first hierarchical level are emphasized in bold type, subtitles of the second hierarchical level are emphasized in color, and subtitles of the third hierarchical level are emphasized in color and cursive type. Emphasized parts of the text are emphasized in bold type. The text is edited in a 4-column grid, which provides optimal readability of the text in printed form, in accordance with the size and number of characters in one row of the column.

Graphs, diagrams and tables are formed by varying the color and thickness of the line with rounded endings according to the style of Apsolon’s visual identity. Quotes of individual Apsolon’s specialists are emphasized in color and photographs within the publication, giving thus a personalized note to the overall design and closing up semantic parts of the report.

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