HDI visual identity and vector graphics for a web page

Client: Apsolon d.o.o.
Company: Bit4Bytes d.o.o. in cooperation with Design Studio Ivan Goran Žunar
Design: Ivan Goran Žunar
Year: 2019.

Apsolon HDI visual identity
Apsolon HDI illustration
Apsolon HDI icons and illustrations
Apsolon HDI icons

HDI or Croatian Digital Index is a project of Apsolon company – leading regional business consulting company, and it represents an online form which allows individual companies to estimate a degree of their digitization and readiness for challenges imposed by digital transformation of society and business. It also gives a set of recommendations and guidelines for enhancement of digital capacities of the company. Visual identity of HDI project is derived from the visual identity of Apsolon – its color system, typography and styling. Above HDI initials are added points which represent heads in relation to the initials which in this context semantically represent bodies. In this way cold HDI initials are personified – human component is given to Croatian Digital Index, because, in essence, digital transformation is made of people – it is made of the changes of economic, social and political relations and communication methods due to digitization process; and the consequences of this process directly affect people and business.

The illustrations and pictograms on the website also follow the linear-flat design set in the visual identity of the Apsolon company, and the symbols have been taken from the commonly used symbols for particular terms – digital signal, digitization, networking, Croatia, research results, cloud computing, society, communication , Internet, mobile technology, innovation, wifi, e-mail, readiness and strategy; which are therefore understandable to everyone.

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