Apsolon business report design

Design of Apsolon business report

Client: Apsolon d.o.o. Company: Bit4Bytes d.o.o. in cooperation with Design Studio Ivan Goran Žunar Creative and Art Direction: Ivan Goran Žunar Design, text and tables editing and prepress: Ivan Goran Žunar Design of graphs and diagrams: Vanja Medak Year: 2019. Design of business report Analiza digitalne spremnosti hrvatskih gradova 2019. by Apsolon d.o.o. company is based on Apsolon's visual identity - color system, typography and style. The element of rounded triangle is derived from Apsolon logo, and it is used as the main pattern of the entire publication. Its role is to distinguish different parts of the publication - the main titles, by varying transparency - full color and 50% transparent. Subtitles of the first hierarchical level are emphasized in bold type, subtitles of the second hierarchical level are emphasized in color, and subtitles of the third hierarchical level are emphasized in color and cursive type. Emphasized parts of the text are emphasized in bold type. The text is edited in a 4-column grid, which provides optimal readability of the text in printed form, in accordance with the size and number of characters in one row of the column. Graphs, diagrams and tables are formed by varying the color and thickness of the line with rounded endings according to the style of Apsolon's visual identity. Quotes of individual Apsolon's specialists are emphasized in color and photographs within the publication, giving thus a personalized note to the overall design and closing up semantic parts of the...
Alfa Stan visual identity

Alfa Stan

Client: Alfa Stan d.o.o. Design studio: Design Studio Ivan Goran Žunar Design: Ivan Goran Žunar Year: 2018. New visual identity Alpha Stan follows linear figuration set in the current visual identity, but at the same time it rises it to a new level using right triangle shape with lines going out from the central point of catheti. Visual identity thus semantically reflects the occupation of housing construction and can also be disassembled into letters which make the word Alfa. The visual identity is airy, lightweight and gives the impression of world-class premium product. The primary color of visual identity is green - the color of nature, ecology; and secondary color is the color of old gold which gives to visual identity impression of timeless luxury. In accordance with the company's environmental awareness, Alfa Stan visual identity will be applied to recycled paper which will further communicate the pro-environmental activity of the company to Alfta Stan's...
SecretArea Home Office Secretaire


Client: Prostoria d.o.o. * as a part of a project Practicing design in organization of Croatian Designers Society and VERN University of Applied Sciences Design: Milena Jovanović, Alica Pancer, Tomica Perković, Ivan Goran Žunar Product photographies: Miran Krčadinac Year: 2016. Exhibitions and publications: Design Week festival in Zagreb (2017.) Mikser festival in Belgrade (2017.) 3rd prize for best design on the Conference People, wood and furniture in Banja Luka (2017.) Award for the best design of Design Department of ULUPUDS (2017.) Design Plus Award for the best prototype of Ambienta 44th International Furniture, Interior Decoration and Supporting Industry Fair (2017.) Practicing Design Exhibition in Croatian Designers Society (2017.) Vizkultura (2017.) Pogledaj.to (2017.) Croatian Design Exhibition 1718 in Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb (2018.) Belgrade Furniture Fair (2018.) Slobodna Dalmacija (2018.) Večernji list (2018.) Elle (2018.) Glas Istre (2018.) Tportal (2018.) Buro247 (2018.) Moda.hr (2018.) Journal.hr (2018.) Dom i dizajn (2018.) Yanko Design (2018.) Trendhunter (2018.) Tabi Labo (2018.) The concept of SecretArea is a contemporary interpretation of secretaire based on its historical typology, derived from our research of homeoffices, needs and habits of users, and the atmosphere, the feeling we believe are essential element of any successful design. Due to the rapid communication and many technologies which we are daily exposed to, the problem is to focus, isolate and bring yourself in the state of concentration necessary for any productive work. SecretArea is a place of intimacy, place where you can work but you don´t have to. Place for you to contemplate, concentrate or communicate – virtually or by writing a letter. Fluid and open, but at the same time private and confidential. Its shape and...
Clinic Magdalena flyer

Flyers for Magdalena Clinic

Client: Clinic Magdalena Agency: Akterpublic d.o.o. Design: Ivan Goran Žunar Year: 2017. Flyers for Magdalena clinic are designed using a color palette and typography of visual identity and prior visuals, thus continuing initially set visual...

Taken out of context

Taken out of context is an multimedia exhibition held in city library "Gustav Krklec" in Ivanec during June, July and August 2016. Press: Varaždinske vijesti Taken out of context is a multimedia exhibition in which individual exhibit has a visual (photography), verbal (poem) and auditory (piano composition) component. It was created as a point on my 10-year-old work cycle. Each exhibit has its own story, taken out of context of my life (as we all are taking out our special pieces of our lives and giving them special place in our memory), and also literally, as poems and music compositions on exhibition are only partial - I took out some parts of them I wanted to highlight from some larger whole. In one sentence - a heterogeneous sum of experiences, thoughts, ideas, feelings, I materialized through visual, verbal and auditory...


Client: LotharWeiss d.o.o. Design studio: Design Bureau Izvorka Juric / Motus Vis Inc. Art direction: Izvorka Jurić Design: Ivan Goran Žunar, Izvorka Jurić Year: 2015. Lothar Weiss is a specialized company for the realization of commercial interiors, from design and manufacturing to equipment and facilities management. The company covers the entire process: conception, spatial 3D visualization, animation, rendering performing and workshop drawings, manufacture and assembly of prefabricated elements. Lothar Weiss emphasizes its personal contact with clients based on trust, high quality and many years of experience. The identity has a minimalist set. With the reduction of the basic characters of the company’s name (L and W) a sign was formed that represents the construction of elements, building… but also communicates a strong vertical stability and the dynamic thinking with the use of diagonals. The identity is a design in black, white and shades of brown, and with the use of a “black on black” and “white on white” effect in the design of application. Using specific printing techniques (UV varnish, emboss stamping etc.) and materials (premium paper, leather, etc.) the identity communicates top quality services and creates a sophisticated look. Original text available on: Design Bureau Izvorka...