Client: Bit4Bytes d.o.o.
Design studio: Design Studio Ivan Goran Žunar
Design: Ivan Goran Žunar
Year: 2018.

Bit4Bytes brand animation
Bit4Bytes Memo
Bit4Bytes business card

Bit4Bytes is a company specialized primarily in designing, developing, deploying and maintaining information systems, and it outsources external collaborators, not just from the IT sector, but also gathers UX / UI and graphic designers, copywriters, photographers and more, expanding their business range outside their primary occupation. Bit is a metaphor of a collaborator who works to achieve company goals (bytes) – a series of independent collaborators (bits) work together to achieve common goals / projects (bytes). The name is implemented as such in the company’s visual identity and overall communication. A particular segment of the logo (bit) is made from the letter B of Bit4Bytes font.

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