Good solutions always come to the surface

Client: Akterpublic d.o.o.
Agency: Akterpublic d.o.o.
Creative and art direction: Marijeta Grizelj Babić
Copywriting: Igor Novaković
Design: Ivan Goran Žunar
Year: 2017.

Advertisement Good solutions always come to the surface, designed for the marketing agency Akterpublic d.o.o, published in the special edition Agencijsko bilo of the business magazine Lider, is an example of interactive design of a printed advertisement, in which the angle that the observer’s eye closes with plane of the paper is put in relation with readability of the message. Letters have been intentionally stretched to the unreadability of message, so that at a viewing angle of 90 degrees relative to the plane of a paper, the message is unreadable, but reducing the viewing angle to 0 degrees in relation to the plane of the paper results in an increasing perspective of the image the observer sees, and it reveals the message: “Good solutions always come to the surface”. The solution is, in this way, by changing the viewing angle of the observer, literally drifting from depth to the surface of the paper.

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